Backpacking Water Purification

When it comes to backpacking, one of the most important things you can have with you is some kind of water purification. There are all different kinds of back packing water filters on the market. So that leaves on question which one is the best?


The top two in my opinion would be the Lifesaver 4000 and the Katadyn pocket water microfilter. The difference between them are more preference both are very good, but have their PROS and CONS.


Lifesaver 6000

This all-in one backpacking water purifier is the real deal. It will treat up to 6,000 liters of water, which is 1,585 gallons.

It has a built in feature that shuts off the cartridge when it is expired to protect you from drinking contaminated water, when you get close to the end of the life for the cartridge it requires a greater number of pumps to get water to flow, when its dead the water stops flowing, and it’s time to change the cartridge.

The cartridge filter is 15 nanometers across to remove even the smallest viruses and 25 nanometers across eliminating the need for any chemical treatment.

It also has an activated carbon filter to remove chlorine, sulphur, pesticides, endocrine disrupting compounds, medical residues and heavy metals such as lead and copper, the carbon filter lasts about 250 liters.

It also has a pre-filter disc, which protects the membranes of the cartridge from, gravel, sand, sticks and mud, to prolong the life of the cartridge. camping water filter reviews

It is designed to not over pressurize to prevent any injury.

Make sure you follow the directions on how to prep the lifesaver before you just start using it, you can get a plastic taste if you don’t do it right.

Bottom line is if you want sterile drinking water, you can’t go wrong here.

Katadyn pocket microfilter

The Katadyn pocket is another great, backpacking water purifier. This thing is built for long lasting continuous use.

It’s silver-impregnated ceramic element is effective against bacteria and protozoa even in the worst conditions, which can be cleaned several times, even out in the bush.

The ceramic element filters out microorganisms larger than 0.2 microns producing, clean drinkable water no matter where you are.

One cool feature is that it comes with an outlet hose to clip on to water containers, that makes it easier to fill other containers.

The capacity of the filter is 13,000 gallons/50,000 liters. The empty carry weight is 20 ounces/550 grams, the size is 10×2.4 inches, and it also comes with a 20 year warranty, which is awesome (who doesn’t love a good warranty).

Now respectfully both of them are very good backpacking water purifiers. I have both of them and I prefer the lifesaver 6000 over the Katadyn pocket. When it comes to me, I want the one that is going to take out the most contaminates, the longevity of the filters are not that big of a deal to me, because I’m not spending an extended period of time out in the field and don’t have to worry about drinking 66 gallons of water (that’s 22 gallons a day on a three day trip), but you should buy the extra carbon filters just in case.