Best Hunting Knife-An Analysis

Selecting a hunting knife can be a very personal thing. As you know hunting knives come in many sizes, shapes and styles, such as folding knives and fixed blade knives making selection difficult. We will attempt to give you information that will assist you in this task. Below we discuss styles, blade types and options that we think are important. The first thing to take into consideration when purchasing a hunting knife is “what is the purpose of the knife”. Are you after meat for the table or a trophy to mount in your den? Your answer to these questions will dictate the type of hunting knife and blade style you will need.

Knife Styles

Folding Knives, folding knives are strong enough for most hunting , camping and fishing needs. They come in two main types, Lockback and pocket knives. Lock back knives have a release mechanism that secures the blade in the open position. They have the strength and reliability of a fixed blade knife and allow one handed opening when dressing game or cleaning fish. Pocket knives are much like the lockback knife but are more compact for easier carrying. However they do present a safety issue since they can close while working.

Fixed Blade Knives, fixed blade knives have a straight rigid blade and are generally the more rugged , reliable and easier to clean of the two. They are also easier to access. However fixed blade knives tend to be bulkier, heavier, and potentially dangerous if not handled properly.

Blade Styles

Drop Point Blade
Drop point blade is the most popular for hunting knives. It has a curved blade that drops into a point giving added strength to the tip. The design of this blade allows for full use of the knife’s edge when cutting, rather than just the point.You can get additional information at best hunting knife.

Clip point
The clip point blade is thinner and flatter than the drop point blade. This gives you greater control over the knife and the cutting and slicing process will become easier.

Skinning Blade
The skinning blade has a round, blunt shape suitable for skinning and gutting game. Its shape makes it difficult to accidentally damage the skin or meat of the animal.

Guthook Blade
The Guthook blade gives the user better control when cutting into the abdomen preventing accidental puncturing of the intestines, bladder or stomach.

Fillet Blade
The fillet blade is a long, flexible, thin blade making it ideal for filleting or cleaning fish. They come in single or multiple blade styles.