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Scooters are stand-up riding toys for children. The child powers up by pushing off with his foot, then rides and glides. When the rider slows down, he can either stop by dragging a foot or push off again and scoot down the path. While riding outside with friends is one way to pass the time and get much-needed exercise, playing games with kids scooters makes the outing even more fun. All games require at least one scooter to play. Some require more than one. full article by Dylan Sprouse  is an excellent resource for this.

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Circle Game
Determine the tightest diameter that a child can ride with his scooter. Use chalk to mark a circle on the ground that is a little bit larger than the given diameter. Have a competition to see how many consecutive circles the each rider can complete without going outside the circle or jumping off the scooter. This game can be played by several children even if there is only one scooter. The kids can all take turns riding it in circles.

The Longest Line
Using a line as a starting point, riders get one push-off from the beginning point. The child who glides the longest without putting his foot down wins the game. This game can be played with several kids’ scooters with each child on his own scooter. An alternative is for the children to share the same scooter.

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Scooting Race
Perhaps the most traditional of scooter games, this race has a designated starting and ending point. Riders begin at the same time from the starting line. The first one to cross the finish line wins the race. The finish line can be farther away for older children for more excitement. If there are too many participants to comfortably fit in the width of the race area, they can compete in heats, or groups, with the winners advancing to a second stage.

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A slalom course is set up on a flat riding surface. Use cones or plastic jugs spaced several feet apart, with a line drawn at the end. Each rider is timed with a stopwatch or clock to see who is the fastest.

Relay Race
The group is divided up into teams with equal riders. There is a starting line and a cone set up for each team at an equal distance from the starting line. When the race starts, each team sends out one rider at a time on the scooter. The rider must go around the cone and come back to relay the next rider. The team that finishes first wins the race.