How To Keep Your Dog From Shedding-A Guide

Being a dog owner, one of the few issues you will have to face is Dog Shedding! Just about every kind of dog will shed, however you can opt to go with a completely hairless dog like the American Hairless Terrier. On the bright side, different dogs will shed at different rates, so your dog may either shed heavily or lightly. This all depends on quite a few factors, one being your dogs breed.

Two main reasons why Dog Shedding occurs are the actual temperate. For instance, during cool whether, the winter season dogs need as much fur as possible to keep themselves warm, and so little shedding happens during these months. However, when summer approaches, dogs tend to shed there hair as they no longer need it and it actually over heats them. Shedding the hair allows the dog to cool its body easier, as well as allow their skin to get air through it. If it is unable to shed hair and becomes overheated, it can at that point lead to dehydration.I strongly suggest you to visit how to keep your dog from shedding  to learn more about this.

The other main reason is that a dog just like any other animal, wants to get rid of the dead skin cells it is carrying around. Humans lose dead skin cells on their face, fingernails and so on in order for the new to grow back in. On a dog however, fur can only go to a certain length dependent on the breed. They get rid of dead skin cells and in turn shed their hair; this allows newer hair to be grown back in. Once all the dead skin cells are removed, your dog is finally able to grown new fur back in for the new season of winter. This is quite similar to a life cycle, only with hair!

Few breeds of dog have an interesting characteristic; these dogs are mainly found in colder areas and have a double coat of fur. The fur belief the upper fur is soft; however the top fur is generally harder and not as ‘silky’. The main reason for the second coat of fur is to make sure the dog is protected from freezing whether and ice/snow. Siberian Huskies are a prime example of this; they shed quite a lot at a time and do it regularly!

Determine whether you are using the right dog de-shedding tools or even the right brush for that matter. Check up on all available varieties while going online shopping for dogs. There are various kinds of brushes that work for specific breeds and coat types. A little research and homework is advised in this regard. Controlling and reducing dog shedding depends on your own efforts and initiative. You should definitely follow the above mentioned tips towards limiting the deluge of hair as much as possible!