Know More About Cozy Furniture

Before you head out and spend a motzsa on teak outdoor furniture, stop and look no further than the humble beanbag. The beanbag has come a long way since your teenage years when a sad sack of old beans lay crumpled on the floor in a daggy cord or denim. The beanbag has had a makeover and you can now adorn your indoor or outdoor area or both with a gorgeous Designer Beanbag.More info hereĀ cozy furniture.

The difference with the new designer beanbags is that they have form, often with specially designed seams or compartments that make it sit upright and not look like a giant blob. You can also buy them in much more vibrant colours there are Yellow Beanbag, Pink Beanbag, Blue Beanbag, Colourful Beanbags and also beanbags with prints. If you choose well you can find beanbags made from all-weather outdoor fabric which fares well outdoors but is also suitable for a bedroom or living room. They can be wiped clean or hand washed.

These beautiful beanbags are so versatile they can be moved from room to room, great for kids or the tv room, perfect for an afternoon bbq outside to provide extra seating, the front porch so you can watch the world go by and even for bubba in the nursery to brighten up their room and provide some fun colour with a big pink beanbag for girls or blue beanbag for boys.

The beauty of a beanbag over traditional furniture like an armchair or teak outdoor furniture is that it can be moved easily to wherever it is need at the moment, it is colourful and bright and also it is easily washable not to mention the newer beanbags are so very comfortable, they are hard to get out of! There are many different companies that sell beanbags, best to look at size, there are many now that can seat two people comfortably, this is a very cost effective couch! So look at the size when buying (if online) and the material, make sure it is OK to go outdoors as you don’t want it getting mouldy. Even better buy a couple of covers so you can rotate the colours depending on your mood or the season.

They really are so very versatile the good old humble beanbag. So next time you have friends over and you don’t have enough seating, remember and think hey I think I might get a beanbag so that next time we will have enough seating for all of our friends, hey presto! Cheap, easy, gorgeous and versatile, what more could you want for a hundred bucks or two!