Knowing a Geek by Their T-Shirt

Everybody has a favourite t-shirt. Whether it’s designer, has a cool design or it fits just right there’s one for everyone. But what are the most popular t-shirts? You constantly see people going along the road with designs or text on their top designed to draw your attention whether it’s funny, eye catching or a political message.

But recently, you’ve probably noticed more and more that geek t-shirts are everywhere. Is it the case that there are more geeks out there, or are they just venturing out of their bedrooms more? Either way there’s a huge variety of geek t-shirt available to those who want them. Here are a few of the styles you might find.go to this web-site:

Type 1: The, ‘I’m OBVIOUSLY a Geek’
Gone are the days when geeks were shunned from society and these days many are proud of their geeky heritage. To show this they emblazon themselves with t-shirt messages like ‘No I Will Not Fix Your PC’. These are the proud geeks of the nerd world.

Type 2: The Movie Buff Geek
Although they may deny being a geek, they’re simply in denial. The avidness through which they show their devotion to films is pure geek. These are the ones with the mint edition terminator poster adorned on their bedroom wall. T-shirt wise this lot like the obscure movie reference t shirts more than anything else. Anyone can get a terminator 2 t shirt, but a Cyberdyne or Skynet t shirt is where it’s at.

Type 3: The Inside Joke Geek
These are the Geeks who take real pleasure in their level of geekyness, and to show it they like to wear the inside joke t-shirt. One which only other geeks can appreciate. To these types ‘there are only 10 kinds of people in the world, those who get binary and those who don’t.” If you get that t-shirt slogan then I’m afraid you’re probably an inside joke geek.

Type 4: The Devoted Geek
These are the ones who take their geeking the most seriously. They’ll often be found in a dark IT department wearing a Linux or tech developers personalised t-shirts. They can often be found with Firefox or other start-ups t-shirts, but never ever windows.

Fortunately for this lot there are plenty of places where they can get their t shirts personalised just the way they want to. We can look forward to a variety of nerdy t-shirt humour to come.