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Are you looking for some of the most efficient gold farming strategies for WoW? WoW gold farming is a way of making gold that is well-liked amongst experienced players and also newbies. However, the amount of gold a player earns can change quite dramatically. I will tell you some of the pluses and minuses of farming gold, also, what I have learned from Luke Brown’s Gold Secrets Guide that I purchased online.

Why should you farm gold in WoW?

Quite often players come to a block in the game when they need more gold to buy armor, weapons and their epic mounts. One strategy to gain this extra gold is to farm it, there are ups and downs to this method.

What is the downside of gold farming?

Well, gold farming is a pretty time consuming way to make gold in World of Warcraft. You could call it an “idiot proof” strategy and it is definitely a great method when performed correctly. The gold farming strategies I used to use took up a lot of my play time, but after I bought the Gold Secrets Guide my farming skills have increased hugely. A few of the methods I now use were straight from Chinese farmers who have very time efficient farming methods.

Learn to use the correct professions with the right techniques

This is a key part of farming that a lot of players don’t see. So many new players just suspect there is only one technique, this is not true. Once you have chosen your profession(s) you should use the most effective techniques that suite it. For example, if you are a herbalist you should be killing mobs that drop useful herbalist materials, and if you are a skinner kill creatures in the areas where you can skin them.