Party Games for Teen Girls

Planning and delivering a party for young children is somewhat easier than for older kids; once you have the party supplies and food sorted out, there are so many traditional games which are fresh and new to little children and they are, in many ways, easier to please.

Older kids are more discerning, and once girls hit the “tween” years, between about age eight or nine and thirteen, it’s not so easy to come up with home-based party activities which they won’t decide are “lame” or “boring”. The joys of girls at this age need not discourage the parent planning a party, or the tween of whom the party is in honour. With a little research (thank you Google) and some planning ahead, there are some fantastic, age-appropriate games even the most difficult-to-please tween will enjoy.For more information, visit their website at┬áviral videos.

“I Never”
Sit in a circle and give everyone a small bowl with twenty lollies (eg smarties, jellybeans). Go around the circle with each player saying something they have never done – for example, “I’ve never been skiing” or “I’ve never stayed up all night”. After each statement, all those who have done the thing eat one of their lollies. The person who has eaten all of their lollies first is the winner.

“Don’t Laugh!”
Everyone sits in a circle. One person is selected to sit in the middle and be “it”. Someone else thinks of a funny phrase and whispers it to the person who is “it”. Everyone then goes around the circle taking turns to ask questions of “it”, who must answer every question with only the phrase they were given. They are not allowed to laugh or smile – if they do they are out and the person who made them laugh is now “it”. Examples of funny phrases or words include “grandma’s underpants”, “fluffy bunny” or “dumpling”.

“Truth Truth Lie”
Each player has a pencil and a piece of paper. Each writes her name on the paper and three statements about herself – two of which are true, one of which is not. Players then exchange their papers and try to guess which statement is the lie. This is a great ice-breaker game.

“Question Time”
The host devises a long list of questions prior to the party. They should include funny, embarrassing, but not unkind questions. Each question is written on a slip of paper then folded and put into a box. At the party, have everyone sit in a circle and take turns asking questions randomly. Each person should choose who they are asking before they select their question. This is a fun game and can result in much hilarity!

This is just a sample of ideas for tween girl party games. At this age, particularly for older tweens, themed party supplies might not be so essential as for younger children, but with a little inspiration and planning ahead, the party can be every bit as successful and fun as all those parties they attended as littlies.